Murray wall clock

Stop staring at the clock! It won’t make the bell go off any sooner. And it’s not time to go to your first class yet because you haven’t heard all of the homeroom announcements.  Like this one:

The Class of 1969 from Murray High School (St. Paul, MN) has its own web site! We hope this site will be a useful resource for:

  • News & announcements about classmates, past and future reunions, and important changes.
  • Connecting with classmates by shared contact information.
  • Sharing memories and thoughts through blog posts and pictures.
  • Remembering the history of Murray HS through the generations.

Murray athletic letter

We invite you to submit a comment on any item that gets posted on this site. We want to hear from you! And if you were in our graduating class, we especially want your participation and to be on our mailing list; if so please contact Lynda Edone (edone4 at gmail.com)